Authorized Court Transcriptionists

for Fort Erie, St. Catharines & Welland

How To Order

Most transcripts of in-court proceedings are available to the public upon request and upon payment of a regulated fee. Transcripts are prepared by independent Authorized Court Transcriptionists listed on this web site or the province-wide Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario web site.

To order a transcript of an in-court proceeding, you need to:

(1) select and contact an authorized court transcriptionist to arrange all aspects of the transcript order, including availability to prepare transcripts within the required timeframe, payment options and any specific delivery requirements;

(2) provide details regarding the transcript order to the transcriptionist (for example, where the proceeding took place, whether a copy of the entire transcript is required, the number of copies, timelines and delivery);

(3) download the Transcript Order Form online or provide the details of the order to the authorized court transcriptionist directly. The authorized court transcriptionist will finalize and submit the Transcript Order Form to the court for processing.

When choosing a transcriptionist, your first and best choice is always the reporter of record. They were in the courtroom, know the lawyers, have checked the spellings, case law and quoted reference material.

All Transcriptionists listed on this web site have a long history as Court Reporters and Transcriptionists. All have been involved in training other Ministry personnel as both Reporters and Transcriptionists, before as well as after the 2014 procedure was introduced.

* Note: Order forms are supplied on each of our Transcriptionist's personal pages (listed to the right) and orders may be submitted directly from those pages.

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